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Using just 1200w from the standard 240v supply the Sirocco uses a fraction of the energy required to heat a paint booth but supplies much greater airflow and heat to any given area when used as intended.

Water based paints require 3 basic phenomena in order to dry correctly: airflow, heat and a lack of humidity. The Sirocco provides all 3 of these in a unique device which is economic and easy to use. It is manufactured to work in a busy commercial environment and will provide years of efficient use.

The Sirocco is a revolutionary patented hand-held drying system for water based paints. It uses a combination of compressed air from a standard airline and heat from a 1200w resistor to provide up to 1400 ltr/m of airflow at up to 80°c.

Panel before heating
Panel before heating
Panel after 60 sec heating with Sirocco
Panel after 60 sec heating with Sirocco

It is 100% engineered in the UK and is designed to dry 1-3 panels of water based pigments as fast as the paint carrier’s characteristics will allow.

The Sirocco is made to be easy to use. Its ergonomic hand grip provides stable support and can be attached to a variety of stands and wall brackets for unattended operation. At under 800g it’s light and can be used by hand for extended times without discomfort.

Lightweight Sirocco Spot Dryer
The Sirocco is light and can be hand held for extended periods

Its machine turned and milled barrel is custom designed to incorporate multiple cooling channels so that the surface will never exceed 40°c in even extended operation. The sand blasted and anodised surface looks attractive, is functional and will resist discoloration long term.

CNC milled cooling channels
CNC milled cooling channels mean that the surface is only ever warm to the touch

With 5m of electrical flex it should reach to all corners of a standard booth and with a washable fine particle filter it will never blow dust or other foreign bodies at what it’s drying.

Sirocco Spot Dryer
The Sirocco can be used anywhere in the booth and works fast even on larger panels

Typical drying times


Ideal for rapidly drying water based paints. Dries twice as fast as any other equivalent system.


It’s like having a heated paint booth in your hand. No need for using cabin heater for small painted areas…

Spray paint

Faster application of successive coats without trapping moisture between layers

Stand Mounted

Can be used hand held or left in a stand, single or double configuration for larger areas.

Audi TT

Exceptionally low humidity, warmth and airflow guarantee a superb finish to every job.

CNC milled cooling channels

Low operating costs mean fast amortisation of purchase price.

ISO 9001