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40% of all repairs are to just 1-3 panels. SMART repair businesses can work even faster by utilising the flexibility of the Sirocco. Its fast-drying times add greatly to the quality of the paint finish and with no need to worry about moisture being trapped between pigment layers this spot dryer is a real game changer.

50% of the time taken to carry out any repair is taken up by the painting and drying processes and of that time ⅓ is the drying process. The Sirocco will cut that drying time in half and noticeably reduce the re-work time for dull pigment patches caused by moisture trapped under the paint.

The Hoyos Sirocco is a tool specifically made to cut time spent drying smaller areas of paint. It will do this using much less energy than a cabin heater but result in at least equal quality of finish. On small areas of 1-3 panels, it will dry paint faster and more effectively than any other method available.

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100% designed in the UK the Sirocco combines the two most important factors that control the quality and speed that dry water based paints; heat and air movement.

Working from just a standard workshop airline and 240v the Sirocco targets heat and air at just the spot where it is required. Independent testing has proven that the Sirocco, by removing the humidity and adding heat to the directed air will dry any painted surface twice as fast as any other spot dryer.

The Hoyos engineering team has developed a spot dryer that can dry water based pigment fast enough that at recommended cabin ambient temperatures, the Sirocco will completely dry a single panel in a little over a minute.

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